Waterford Uniforms® works in partnership with its customers continuously developing and testing PPE to protect against known hazards, investing resources to improve product performance, comfort and mobility. Testing new materials and assemblies, testing designs, testing accessories, testing garments in use all with the aim to always provide our customers continued improvement in performance, comfort and value in the right solution.

Waterford Uniforms® invests significant time and resources in new fabric and garment solutions, to bring greater comfort, durability and mobility to its clothing solutions.

Waterford Uniforms® carry out extensive wearer trials, internal testing and Independent product testing, including;

  • Arc testing in STFI (Ger) and Kema (USA).
  • Manikin and FR Testing in BTTG (UK).
  • Materials analysis in Satra (UK).

Waterford Uniforms® also has internal testing, including;

  • Shower, Material and Seam testing.
  • Breathability testing.
  • Material pilling tests.
  • Material tear and tensile strength

All the products offered by Waterford Uniforms® have been designed in consultation with our customers, the wearers, who play a fundamental role in the development and production of clothing that meets user requirements.

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